Outside, all coatings are subjected all the year to aggressions of time. Heat, frost, humidity, pollution, and UVs put a strain on exterior cladding. Resin that will bind the aggregates together plays a vital role in aging of the coating. Our resin BINDER is resin based on polyurethane mono-component aliphatic very resistant to UV. It has been developed in collaboration with our professional applicator partners in order to obtain a very high quality product, both in terms of performance and ease of use.




Polyurethane marble granulate binder 




Translucent and glossy aliphatic monocomponent resin.

Composition specially studied for a great flexibility and a very big outside and inside resistance



High-end polyurethane resin, our membrane with high resistance to UV is intended for the realization of decorative coatings, stone carpets, but also with the waterproofing, and the protection.



- Interior / exterior stone carpets.
- Translucent waterproofness.
- Protective varnish.
- Decorative floors of shops, showrooms.
- Binder for soft floors with aggregates for stone carpets and EPDM
- Waterproofing of pavements in glass blocks.
- Finishing varnish
- Glossy anti-graffiti varnish




- Very high quality.
- Very high bond strength.
- High UV resistance
- Sealing of the membrane.
- No yellowing
- Ease of use, monocomponent product.
- Good self-leveling power, gives a smooth and shiny appearance.
- Very good flexibility, supports the deformation of the supports.
- High resistance to abrasion.