Acrylic waterproofing

WATERFLEX is acrylic emulsion based, fiber containing, elastomeric water proofing material


This one-component acrylic waterproofing associated with cement has been implemented to resist the atmospheric aggressions and UV rays.



It is ready to use, and applicable with roller, brush, or air gun.



- Waterproofing and protection of curved and sloped roofs (minimum 5%)
- Waterproofing even external vertical surfaces.
- Waterproofing under glued, sealed or laid down coatings
- Waterproofing damp rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and showers.




Simplicity of application
Continuous membrane
Frost resistant
Full adhesion without primer
Easily repairable
Crack bridging
Very elastic
Very good value for money



PURCELL SP500-3800

Polyurethane waterproofing

Poyurethane based, one or two-component, providing high water repellancy, flexible water proofing material.



Our one-component or two-component polyurethane waterproofing are extremely resistant to external aggressions and UV.



Ready to use (monocomponent), and applicable with roller, brush, or AIR spray gun.




Waterproofing flat, curved or sloped roofs
All waterproofing external surfaces
Waterproofing of water tanks, pools, and submerged ducts




UV resistance
Suitable for foot traffic
Very elastic between 500 and 1000% depending on thickness
High resistance to friction
High abrasion resistance
Maximum resistance