Many professionals and individuals are confronted with problems of saltpeter and erosion of terraces.

There are 2 main solutions to protect and waterproof outdoor stones and floors. The least expensive solution is the water-repellent waterproofing that slows down the penetration of water, its effectiveness is less, it protects mainly tasks and it is necessary to regularly put back the product.

The second, much more efficient solution is to create a true water barrier with formula based on aliphatic polyurethane resin. This anti-yellowing resin penetrates and generates a very strong and elastic thickness.


Aliphatic Polyurethane resin



Transparent aliphatic bi-component resin.

Very fluid formula especially studied for a good penetration in material and a facility of application.


Allows to obtain a true thickness of protection with a flexibility and a very great resistance outside.


High-end polyurethane resin, our membrane is highly resistant to UV is intended for waterproofing indoor / outdoor floors, soil protection and revives colors and details of stones.


- Indoor / outdoor floor.
- Translucent waterproofness.
- Protective varnish.
- Decorative floors of shops, showrooms.
- Waterproofing of pavements, pavers, stones etc ...
- Concrete protection
- Anti dust
- Finishing varnish




- Very high quality.
- Very high bond strength.
- High UV resistance
- Sealing of the membrane.
- No yellowing
- Good flexibility.
- High resistance to abrasion.
- High impact resistance
- Roller application
- Intense traffic resistance